About Myself

I am a student currently studying Fine Art and Graphic Design, a combination of two diversely different yet simpler forms of creativity. While one is limitless in it’s search for meaning of some kind, the other is always trying to sell you something. I enjoy the freedom of expression and the vast measures of potential output of Fine Art, however I enjoy the supporting structure of Graphic Design and the physiology prevalent within it. I consider Graphic Design as a simplified variant to Fine Art, where the later require transferable knowledge and an understanding of a certain level of skill, the former requires nothing but your attention.

I also have an interest in Physiology, Philosophy, Art History and History in general. All potentially decent subjects for art. The artists I enjoy most include Lucian Freud, Rembrandt and Edger Degas; artist whom I believe create work that achieves truthful and humbling perspectives on the human existence. I of course love other artists, but perhaps non more so than those of the 19th century, a time where everything was changing, ideas revolutionized the way we live and understand the world and all within such a short time.

I can’t say that I’m a professional in any of these subjects I’ve mentioned, some of which I only avail myself a few moments to indulge through video or book. I usual find myself honing my skills in the artistic trade or enjoy a YouTube video or a video game. I can’t say I will be very most prolific with my blog posts, especially because of the perfectionist nature and my slow writing speed, so I can only promise something  at least monthly. I am still quite new to this blog stuff.

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