Month: January 2016


I think it’s about time I put up some art, and to start off I’m going to show one of my favourites. This piece was one of the final pieces for my course in Lichfield College. It’s a steel sculpture that I processed with chemicals … Continue reading RUST

Apparently Germs are Endangered

According to many soap brands, you merely use some of their product and you eliminate an astonishing amount of germs, 99.9% in fact. If this is true then I’m surprised there hasn’t been a dozen a appeals to ban soups and reintegrate germs into the wild.

Well obviously it’s not true, a few years ago a remember all the soaps boasting about eliminating 100% of germs. So unless they’ve all gotten a tiny bit merciful, It’s most likely that they’re just advertising what the customer wants to hear. Even if it sounds ridiculous. The reason this bothers me is because it isn’t a creative way to make a product look better than its’ contemporaries, it’s only there because everybody else uses it and companies don’t want to look inferior. Whenever I see this it’s like an ugly wart that’s very contagious, and it’s on soap.

I can understand that companies that will avoid anything that could negatively effect their brand, but seeing this on everything hardly makes them standout. I feel that there is defiantly room for innovation here. Designers could start with describing some of the ingredients and how beneficial they are, or they could describe what exactly it does to your skin. These ‘could’ be truthful and would certainly remove a lot of disbelief that comes with the apocalyptic description that dominates the designs you see today.